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About us

Nerdeez was founded in 2013 by Yariv Katz. Since then we have served many clients and created software solutions and consulting for different aspects of the software world including:

  • web
  • backend servers
  • smartphones apps
  • devops

We also been teaching for many years software developers about advanced technologies and software development.
Among the technologies we teach:

We focus on professional software using top of the edge technologies to create it.

Our Services


We can train your development team and teach them advanced courses on different technologies.
Getting your team with our top rated courses will reduce learning curve of your team, and provide good programming practice and by doing so will reduce future bugs and debugging.

Software Solutions

Want to have your own team of Nerdz?
Our team of experts can help you develop your software.

Mobile applications

We can help you develop your mobile application by using the most advanced cross platform technologies.
One code base in react native is transformed to native app with great performance behind it.

Web application

The web is the biggest platform for running our apps. More popular than any OS. When creating our web site today we look at the user like he is opening a desktop application.
We can help you create a web application that is extremely responsive and engaging

Server application

Want to create a software that will run on your server?
We can create backend apps using NodeJS with JavaScript, or Django with Python


We can help you with your software architecture and point you to the right direction in creating your software

Software products

We create SAAS platforms to help you develop your app and organize your team work flow

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Meet Our Team

Yariv Katz

Founder, CEO

Been a computer nerd ever since I can remember myself. With over 20 year of experience in software development, in the past years I've been mostly teaching other developers as well as consulting for large organization like: Israel Defence Force, Matrix, Avaya and many more.
In my personal time I like spending time with my dog Piglet, we like going on hikes and doing mountain biking in the beautiful Israel landscape.

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